Creating a professional, clean website looks simple when done by professionals.  Anyone who has ever attempted to design anything from scratch can attest to the challenges of creating a finished product that doesn't look amateurish.  Our design professionals have years of experience creating the look and feel you want represented by your business.  At Marketing Ape, we work hard to create an image consistent across all marketing material.


Website Design

The website has quickly become the go-to source for information about everything related to your business.  While most people scan the information contained on your website, it is critical to have detailed, comprehensive information about your business as well as your products/services.  The challenge is to assemble this vast amount of data in a way that is visually appealing, friendly to search engines and easy to find/navigate.  Marketing Ape has more than 10 years of experience creating websites that meet this challenge.


Printed Collateral

Collateral is simply any printed material that communicates anything about your business.  Collateral can be as simple as a business card or more complex such as a mailer, brochure, catalog or similar material.  Our marketing professionals can create any marketing material you need and ensure synergy with the branding you already have or create a new brand identity for you!



Stock photographs are images available for purchase to the general public.  These often depict general scenes that might work for the image you want.  However, stock photography doesn't always facilitate the best imagery.  Often a client may have needs that do not exist as stock photography or a client may want to showcase their own images (product, facility, etc.).  Marketing Ape can help clients see what stock photography options are available as well as provide photography services to cover most client needs.


Video Production

The digital world has become video centric in many ways.  Video is not only a great way to showcase your business but can actually help increase the number of visitors to your website.  Videos increase the time a visitor spends on your website, something search engines value.  The longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely a search engine will interpret this behavior to indicate something of value to the visitor on the website.  Videos also provide another avenue, or channel, in which visitors come to your website.  A video hosted on YouTube can often result in the visitor coming to your website, even though the visitor originally started at  Marketing Ape can provide video production services at competitive rates.  We understand not every video need requires a full blown cinematic quality, but some do - we can provide those services anywhere on that spectrum.


Find Out More

Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by the cost of our services.  Marketing Ape works hard to keep overhead low while providing exceptional results.  Our custom tailored approach does not mean custom tailored pricing (expensive).  In fact, the most common feedback we get from clients is the exceptional value we provide and return on investment.

Contact a Marketing Ape professional today to learn more about how we can improve your marketing efforts and make you money - not cost you money!  Contact us online or call 636-442-1942 today!

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