Marketing Ape's web development team specializes in creating websites, applications and hosting environments specifically designed around your business needs.  This approach ensures your marketing solution meets your exact needs rather than forcing you into a predefined marketing package that likely includes services you don't need.  With Marketing Ape, you only pay for the services you need.  This results in a more efficient, effective and economical marketing solution for small and medium size businesses.


Content Management Systems

A Content Management System, also called a CMS, is website driven by a database.  In most cases, the database is a MySQL or SQL database.  A CMS is easy to use and a powerful solution for many website needs.  It allows a person to create, edit and delete content and menus without any knowledge of HTML or PHP code.  A Content Management System is perfect for many businesses that want to create their own content on a regular basis.


Custom Web Development

Some clients have specific needs that go beyond the capability of a CMS.  These specialized solutions are tailored specifically for each project and are too varied to go into detail here.  However, an example of just one type of custom web development would be development of a website that interfaces with company back office systems, such as order entry. 


Website Hosting

Every website must be "hosted" in order to be visible on the Internet.  There are a number of different software configurations that make this possible.  While many websites use the same 'basic' hosting environment, some websites require a more customized website hosting environment.  Marketing Ape provides high quality website hosting solutions with 99.9% up-time for every type of website.


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Many of our clients are surprised by the cost of our services.  Marketing Ape works hard to keep overhead low while providing exceptional results.  Our custom tailored approach does not mean custom tailored pricing (expensive).  In fact, the most common feedback we get from clients is the exceptional value we provide and return on investment.

Contact a Marketing Ape professional today to learn more about how we can improve your marketing efforts and make you money - not cost you money!  Contact us online or call 636-442-1942 today!

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