Search has become the most cost-effective and affordable means of securing new clients/customers.  When done correctly, this form of client/customer acquisition provides the highest rate of return compared to more traditional methods.  Search is simply ensuring that a person searching the Internet for your products/services finds your website.  How this is implemented can take many forms.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your company website attractive and favorable to the search engines.  This results in search engines placing your website in search results for your products/services.  These results, often called "organic results", typically get 5 times or greater traffic than sponsored results.  High traffic means high click through rate, which means more visitors to your website.  In addition to more traffic, showing up in organic results also means a lower cost of visitor acquisition in most cases.  Marketing Ape has been providing SEO services with fantastic results since our first day of business.  SEO is a continuously changing environment and requires a provider that is nimble in adapting to those changes.  Large SEO companies simply cannot change their business models fast enough to keep up with the changes the search engines make on a regular basis.


Search Engine Marketing | Pay-Per-Click

Search Engine Marketing is utilizing a search engine's pay-per-click tool to place a website in search results.  This practice is called many things including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Cost-Per Click
  • Adwords

The concept is simple:  the search engine will show your website in search results by paying the search engine for every click a visitor makes to your website.  The more you pay per click, the higher in the search results your website will be placed.  The cost varies greatly by term and change regularly since you are bidding against your competition.  Your website will only show up in the sponsored links area - never the organic results.  This campaign can easily become very expensive and not yield results, especially if proper research has not been done.  While Marketing Ape specializes in SEO (and strongly recommends SEO), we do provide SEM campaign management for clients that have no interest in SEO or use SEM to supplement their SEO campaigns.


Research Strategy

Marketing Ape recognizes some clients may wish to attempt managing their own SEM campaign and just need help getting started.  Our marketing professionals can do the research to get your campaign off to a great start.  We will research the terms/phrases most likely to provide the best return on investment and provide training on how to actively manage your own campaign.  Our consultations are customized specifically to the scope of your campaign, not one size/price fits all. 


Find Out More

Many of our clients are surprised by the cost of our services.  Marketing Ape works hard to keep overhead low while providing exceptional results.  Our custom tailored approach does not mean custom tailored pricing (expensive).  In fact, the most common feedback we get from clients is the exceptional value we provide and return on investment.

Contact a Marketing Ape professional today to learn more about how we can improve your marketing efforts and make you money - not cost you money!  Contact us online or call 636-442-1942 today!

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